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SEO Marketing remains one of the most popular and also most competitive ways of marketing a business. After all, everyday 3.5 billion searches occur on Google alone, not to mention the increasing share of Bing users. With quality SEO services there is tremendous potential to reach customers searching for your business!

However, showing up on search engine results where users will find you can be much more challenging than you might think. Or perhaps you have already experienced how challenging, costly, and time consuming it is. On top of which, the competition in your particular market can cause it to be a never ending battle to show up in the eyes of your potential customers.

AdModum Marketing is an SEO company with professional certification, knowledge, and experience that will help you address your SEO marketing challenges. Our SEO specialist developers provide the needed expertise and deliver superior SEO services with great results.

“My phone is ringing 25% more since we started working with you. Thank you so much!” M. G., CEO, Greensboro, NC

Because the entire focus of our company is Marketing & Consulting, we make it a priority to also be an SEO consultant. As an SEO agency with a marketing & consulting focus, we want to help you understand our SEO services and come up with a strategy to help you stand out from the crowd.

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Off-site/Link Building services include:
  • Reputable industry citations (business listings, etc.)
  • Authoritative directories
  • White Hat only link building practices
Local SEO services include:
  • Optimize website for targeted area
  • Localized keyword optimization
  • Local pack/maps optimization
  • Localized content marketing
  • Directory citation & reviews building and management
Onsite SEO services include:
  • Keyword research
  • Optimize website for appropriate keyword usage
  • Image optimization
  • Content marketing optimization
  • Technical optimization
  • Errors, dead pages, links, and duplicate pages resolution (including off-site issues)
  • Search engine visibility optimization (including off-site issues)
  • Communication with Google regarding crawling, site issues, maps, etc.

“I very much like working with you (SEO) given your understanding of marketing. I consider that a bonus! P.S. I am SO glad you are going to be re-doing my website!!!” – J. S. Award Winning Author & Former Marketing Executive, Chicago, IL

Accurate & Concise Reporting includes:
  • Technical onsite, error & progress reports
  • Site optimization rating report
  • Keyword ranking report
  • Competitor reports
  • Web analytics & traffic reports
  • Google search queries reports
  • Social engagement summary reports
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What You Should Know About Our SEO Company Practices

Our SEO expert professionals will never guarantee you certain ranking positions, guaranteed traffic amounts, or guaranteed sales results. First of all, Google warns us to watch out for people that do this as they can’t possibly guarantee it. If you would like to know more about how some companies are doing this and why they are not to be trusted, feel free to set up a FREE 30-minute consultation with an SEO specialist. Second, there are many factors beyond the control of our SEO agency, including managing your employees and business operations. These can have a profound effect on the results, so we can’t possibly guarantee them. We would be glad to share examples to explain our position.

  • However, we do guarantee honesty, trustworthiness, upfront responsible reporting, and the focused diligent efforts of an SEO expert.
  • “For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord, but also in the eyes of man.” – 2 Corinthians 8:21

It takes time to see results. Partly this is the nature of working with search engines, but it can also depend on the condition of your website, technical issues, and content all of which impact search engine optimization. We have seen positive results from our SEO marketing very quickly for some, and a lengthy process for others. The amount of time it takes to see results also depends on how aggressive the SEO package is that is chosen. In general we suggest a three to six month time frame to start seeing results, and a twelve to twenty-four month time frame for more significant results.

SEO marketing for e-commerce stores presents unique challenges. It often takes extra research and SEO expert strategies to create unique content. Our success with SEO marketing of e-commerce stores is often dependent on the cooperation of the client. Our SEO consultant is readily available to discuss your particular situation in a FREE 30-minute consultation.

While we sell consulting services separately, we do include SEO consultant time in our SEO services packages. It is important that we align our strategies with your internal objectives. The creation of an overall marketing plan or strategy may be recommended if one has not already been created.

Occasionally clients request a website & SEO Audit prior to engaging our SEO services. Therefore we offer a Basic Technical Audit, a Standard Website Audit (2 sizes depending on number of pages), and a Full SEO Audit which includes everything onsite and offsite.

Our SEO services are packaged and priced according to the aggressiveness of approach, market competition, and scope of the project. Therefore clients should discuss objectives, budget, and expectations with an SEO consultant to design an ideal package. Feel free to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation.

“Dr. Wells is the expert. We will do whatever he says is the best thing.” A. S., President, New York, NY

AdModum leads the way in providing cutting edge, results-driven solutions for internet marketing service!

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